​Your Monthly donation or one-time gift will help support the following projects: 

  • Reimagining Public Safety: UnBoxed is the Project Coordinator for the Task Force to Reimagine Policing and Public Safety—one of the nations largest community initiatives to develop polices to transform policing and public safety.
  • Helping  the Helpers: Executive coaching, leadership training, and peer support groups for pastors and executives to combat burnout and compassion fatigue for employees and volunteers of community organizations
  • Relationships: Helping businesses and community organizations develop healthy workplace relationship cultures.
  • Recovery: Family and relationship training for individuals and families of those in addiction recovery.
  • Community Development: Community organizing and policy development around issues of social equity and criminal justice reform. 

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UnBoxed organized a community initiative to transform policing and public safety, serving as the project coordinator for the Task Force to Reimagine Policing and Public Safety in Denver. UnBoxed has brought together over 40 community organizations and city officials to develop community empowering policy recommendations to transform public safety in Denver. WATCH TASK FORCE MEETINGS

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Your support helps us organize community leaders to create sustainable solutions, and empower communities and protect them from harmful policing practices